How Many Hashtags To Use on Reels?

Social media platforms like Instagram Reels heavily rely on hashtags to aid users in discovering content. The optimal number of hashtags has been a subject of ongoing discussion. How Many Hashtags To Use on Reels can significantly impact the discoverability and interaction with your content. Instagram generally advises using fewer hashtags for posts, as an excessive number may give the impression of artificiality or suspicion. However, it’s unclear whether the same guideline applies to Instagram Reels. Let’s explore the ideal how many hashtags to use on reels by examining our hypothesis.

Hypothesis: 3-5 Hashtags on Reels Yield Similar Reach as 30

To test our theory, we employed two distinct Instagram accounts with varying engagement rates. We posited that a post with a maximum of 30 hashtags might achieve comparable visibility and interaction to a post with 3–5 hashtags. Consequently, we aimed to determine the significance of maximizing hashtags for audience engagement. Additionally, it’s worth noting that you can enhance your posts by purchasing Instagram Reels views.


We tested our hypothesis using trending hashtags for Instagram Reels on both accounts. Similar content was uploaded, utilizing 3 to 5 hashtags for Reels from both accounts. Subsequently, content with 30 hashtags was uploaded to compare the results. Over a predetermined period, we tracked metrics such as follower growth, engagement rates, and reach. To gain further insights, explore how the Instagram Reels algorithm operates.

how many hashtags to use on reels

Initial Results (And a Revised Methodology)

Upon analyzing our Instagram Reels views, it appeared that incorporating 30 hashtags didn’t yield a noticeable difference. The revelation was that having 30 different hashtags might not boost your account if you have a limited number of followers or posts. Instagram may perceive an empty account as suspicious or automated, as interactions with other accounts are integral to the Reels algorithm. Without meaningful interactions, an empty account won’t benefit from hashtags, regardless of their number.

Actual Results

In conclusion, for an active account, adding 30 different hashtags seems to be an effective method for enhancing Reels views. Our results indicated that videos with 30 hashtags outperformed others. This outcome contrasts with our Instagram posts experiment, revealing the complexity of the Instagram Reels landscape. Despite a noticeable increase in reach and engagement for Reels with 3 to 5 hashtags, the 30-hashtag Reels consistently performed better in terms of overall visibility and impressions.

What Do the Results Mean?

While Instagram posts may perform better with fewer hashtags, Instagram Reels appear to reach a broader audience when more hashtags are used. The results suggest that while using a minimal number of hashtags can still generate substantial reach and engagement on Reels, employing up to 30 hashtags tends to result in more views. However, a successful Instagram Reels strategy requires more than just hashtags; creating engaging and original videos is crucial. Striking a balance between creativity and strategic hashtag use can enhance your account.

In summary

If you want to increase your Instagram Reels views rapidly, consider incorporating trending hashtags. Additionally, explore social media services to buy Instagram Reels views. To discover our Instagram solutions, visit the Instagram services section on our website. For further guidance, check the Instagram Help Center.

Should I use 30 hashtags on Reels or limit myself to three to five?
According to the research, using 30 hashtags may result in greater visibility, even though using just 3–5 hashtags can still generate meaningful engagement. To determine which approach is most effective for your content, test out both.
What is the best way to select hashtags for Reels?
Choose hashtags that fit your audience, content, and current trends. Check out trending hashtags for Instagram Reels to reach a wider audience while focusing on niche markets.
Do hashtags tailored to a particular niche perform better than general ones?
It frequently relies on your approach to content creation. Hashtags tailored to specific niches reach a more involved audience with a greater interest in those topics, increasing the likelihood of engagement. To maximize both specificity and reach, combining the two types can help find a balance.
Should I change the hashtags on each reel or stick with the same ones?
Experimenting with hashtags helps you reach new audiences. While you should retain a few consistent hashtags that closely correspond with your content niche, rotate your hashtags periodically to ensure a varied reach.
Can I use banned or irrelevant hashtags to gain more visibility?
Steer clear of banned or useless hashtags; they might limit your audience and even cause your content to appear hidden in search results. Use hashtags that are specifically associated with your content to preserve authenticity.