Undoubtedly, the contemporary world revolves around social media, considering it the most impactful means of communication, advertising, business enhancement, and news dissemination. Among the diverse social platforms, Instagram stands out with a significant influence, boasting a vast user base. Owning an Instagram account can be crucial for success, whether you are an individual, a business owner, or a company. Nevertheless, it is essential to grasp the mechanics of Instagram, comprehend its current performance, and use this knowledge to formulate a more effective marketing strategy.

This article will delve into the profound evolution and significance of Instagram. We will explore key Instagram statistics that we consider essential for a comprehensive understanding. Let’s take a closer look!

Overview of Instagram Statistics

Before delving into more specific Instagram statistics, let’s illuminate the general landscape of Instagram’s presence in today’s digital world. As of this year, Instagram holds noteworthy positions:

  • Among the Top Ten most visited websites globally.
  • Among the Top Ten most searched topics on Google.
  • The fourth most used social platform worldwide.
  • The primary app downloaded by users.

What does this indicate for marketers, content creators, or business owners? Targeting Instagram users means reaching an audience that overlaps with users on other platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Simultaneously, it’s crucial to tailor marketing content and campaigns for website browsers, not exclusively app users. With this in mind, you can successfully broaden your audience by delivering customized marketing campaigns.

Now, let’s delve deeper into what we consider the most significant Instagram statistics.

Instagram User Statistics

Instagram user statistics encompass data about the Instagram audience, including demographics, geographic information, and its global distribution. Instagram, with its 2 billion monthly active users, presents intriguing facts:

  • The gender user statistics have seen a shift this year, moving from female-user dominance to a male-dominant user base, accounting for approximately 52% male users.
  • Globally, Instagram is the most preferred social platform among individuals aged 19-24, while in the United States, it remains the preferred platform for nearly half of adults aged 18 and above.
  • Women worldwide, particularly those aged between 24-35, consider Instagram their favorite platform.
  • Despite a decline in the user base for the 12-17 age group on other platforms, Instagram reports a 61% usage rate among this demographic every week.
  • India boasts the highest number of Instagram users, with 249 million, followed by the United States with 147 million users.

For marketers, understanding these statistics facilitates targeting specific age groups, genders, and locations in their marketing activities.

Instagram Usage Statistics

Instagram Usage Statistics pertain to data regarding how users engage with the platform, encompassing user behavior, the time spent, and frequency of usage. Here are noteworthy facts about Instagram Usage Statistics:

Instagram Stats

Instagram Usage Statistics

  • Instagram users dedicate nearly half a day monthly to the platform, translating to approximately 30 minutes per day.
  • Marketing experts anticipate a growth in the time spent on the platform, with expectations to increase from 17% to 18.6% by 2024.
  • Instagram Live attracts over 100 million daily viewers, while Instagram Stories engage 70% of viewers daily, with 40% of users posting stories each day.
  • About 31% of overall users are regular Instagram users.
  • Photo posts dominate Instagram content, comprising over 70% of the overall content.
  • Monthly, 130 million users click and interact with shopping posts.
  • Close to 40% of users log in multiple times, showcasing a high level of user engagement.

Instagram Usage stats reveal user patterns, shedding light on preferences for features, attention-grabbing elements, and what is deemed intriguing.

Instagram Advertising Statistics

These advertising statistics provide insights into user interactions with advertisements, covering demographics, geography, behaviors, and patterns. Here are noteworthy data points:

  • Instagram’s most targeted audience for advertainment falls in the 18-34 age group, constituting 61% of the audience.
  • In Turkey, the targeted age group shifts to 13 and older, making up 76% of the audience, establishing Turkey as the world leader in ad penetration. Argentina and Brazil follow with 66.5% and 65.9%, respectively.
  • Instagram experiences a consistent increase in advertising revenue, ranking second only to Facebook. The forecasted revenue is expected to reach around 50 billion by the year’s end.
  • The Cost Per Mille (C.P.M.) for Instagram ads is steadily rising, witnessing a 50% increase over the last three years. This indicates a growing cost for advertising on Instagram.
  • Marketers are urged to stay abreast of Instagram statistics to craft advertisements that resonate with their target audience, ensuring more effective results and revenue, rather than investing in costly ads with diminishing returns.

Instagram Demographic Statistics

Instagram demographic statistics offer intriguing and vital insights into the diversity of Instagram’s expansive user base. These figures unveil varying age groups, spanning from teenagers to seniors, each with distinct interests and purposes. For marketers aiming to reach global or international audiences, understanding people’s needs, interests, and behaviors in specific locations is crucial.

Let’s explore some key facts and data about Instagram demographic stats:

  • 21% of Gen Z in the U.S. engage with Instagram Reels weekly.
  •  Non-U.S. residents constitute a significant majority, accounting for 87% of Instagram users.
  • In the U.S., less than 6% of users are aged between 13-17, while 5% are aged above 75.
  • Senior users on Instagram often use the platform to reconnect with friends, while teenagers use it to stay updated on the latest trends.
  • In Turkey, Instagram users make up 59.4% of the total population, with the 25-34 age group having more male users, establishing a male-dominant user base.
  • Beyond the 25-34 age group, the global gender distribution on Instagram is 16.4% for men and 14.8% for women.
  • The age group 18-24 years contributes to 31% of Instagram users worldwide.
  • Instagram users make up 17.6% of the entire world population.

Demographic data is essential for tailoring content to attract target audiences, considering the unique interests of each age group.

Instagram Influencer Statistics

Instagram influencer statistics provide a comprehensive overview of follower engagement among influencers, showcasing the impact and effectiveness of influencers on the platform. Here are notable data points for the current year:

  • Nano-Influencers, defined as those with less than 10,000 followers, boast the highest engagement rate at 2.53%.
  • Micro-Influencers, with a follower count of up to 100,000, secure the second-highest engagement rate at 1.06%.
  • Mid-Influencers, falling within the 10,000 to 500,000 follower range, claim the third-highest engagement rate at 0.91%.
  • Mega-Influencers, with a follower count exceeding one million, hold the fourth position with an engagement rate of 0.92%.
  • Macro-Influencers, having over 100,000 followers, follow closely with an engagement rate of 0.86%.

Here are a few data of this year’s Instagram story stats: 

  • Every day, approximately 500 million users engage with the Instagram Story feature.
  • On a daily basis, around 86.6% of Instagram users actively contribute by posting stories.
  • Millennials account for 60% of Instagram users who either view or publish stories.
  • Notably, 31% of brands choose Instagram Stories as the platform for their advertisements.
  • Stories incorporating audio capture the attention of 2.70% of users who opt to listen with sounds on.
  • The most active brands, on average, post 17 stories monthly.
  • The potential advertising audience for Instagram Stories reaches an impressive 996 million users.
  • In recent years, there has been a recorded decline in the reach and retention of Instagram Stories. Despite this, the short narrative format remains the most popular among users.

For marketers, understanding Instagram Story statistics is crucial. Simply observing declines in reach or comparing ads in stories to those in posts isn’t sufficient for shaping effective marketing activities. It’s essential to prioritize understanding your target audience’s behaviors and preferences. For instance, if your audience primarily enjoys browsing and viewing stories, incorporating ads in story format becomes more relevant. Explore our Buy Instagram Likes service for further insights.

Instagram Reels Statistics

Instagram Reels stats encompass a range of data and metrics providing valuable insights into the performance and engagement of content shared on Instagram Reels. Here are some key insights for this year:

  • – Instagram Reels Usage has witnessed a significant increase of 57.4%.
  • Among various Instagram content and features, Reels boast the highest reach.
  • Reels also lead in impressions compared to other Instagram features.
  • Accounts with a smaller follower count tend to have higher Reels reach than other accounts.
  • Instagram Reels exhibit the highest engagement rate and receive the most likes compared to other Instagram features and content.
  • The potential ad audience for Instagram Reels is substantial, reaching 726.8 million.
  • The Reels audience is comprised of 54.7% men and 45.3% women.
  • The majority of Instagram Reels Ads audience falls within the age group of 18-34.
  • Instagram users favor creating videos like Reels, contributing to 35.9% of all posts on the Instagram feed.
  • For sports brands, Reels emerge as the most popular feature.
  • Watching Reels is associated with increased purchasing, direct messaging, and gaining followers.
  • A study reveals that 77% of Reels viewers have taken the required action, 82% have followed the account after viewing the Reel, and 74% engage with the account through direct messages.

These statistics underscore the impactful nature of Reels and highlight their potential effectiveness when utilized appropriately.

Instagram Business Statistics

Instagram business stats encompass various data points and metrics offering valuable insights into the performance, audience engagement, and overall impact of business endeavors on the Instagram platform. Here are the latest Instagram stats for business:

  • Over 200 million Instagram accounts are dedicated to business activities.
  • Instagram remains the top choice for users to connect with their favorite brands.
  • Instagram Business accounts experience a monthly follower increase of 0.98%.
  • 70% of online shoppers consider using Instagram for their upcoming purchases.
  • The second most popular activity on Instagram is searching for and following brands.
  • A significant 90% of Instagram users follow a brand or business account.
  • U.S. online stores lead in Instagram online store engagement with 86%, followed by the U.K. at 81%, and Germany at 75%.
  • Business accounts on Instagram enhance brand credibility, with 61% of users expressing belief in their authenticity.
  • Approximately 81% of Instagram users utilize the platform to discover new products and services.
  • A substantial 98% of fashion businesses employ Instagram for marketing activities.
  • Monthly, more than 150 million users engage with brands on Instagram.
  • Each week, 68% of Instagram users visit the platform to interact with creators.
  • Instagram serves as a key channel for marketers, with 93% relying on the platform to acquire potential customers.
  • Trust in brand content stands at 38%, while 61% place trust in influencer endorsements.
  • Branded stories witness a watch rate of 67%.
  • Instagram Business accounts experience a monthly follower growth rate of 1.79%+.


With Instagram becoming an increasingly popular marketing platform, staying updated with recent data is essential for business accounts to thrive amid intense competition in the realm of social media marketing. For additional information on Instagram business, you can refer to Instagram Support.

Conclusion to Instagram Stats

In conclusion to Instagram statistics, it is crucial to emphasize that businesses, in addition to comprehending these metrics, should optimize their content by gaining insights into Instagram SEO. A holistic approach encompassing both aspects ensures a comprehensive understanding for businesses and marketers, enabling them to craft a more relevant, appealing, and SEO-friendly marketing strategy.

What is the engagement rate?

The Instagram engagement rate measures the level of interaction Instagram users have with an account’s activities, including posts, reels, and stories. It is computed by dividing the total number of likes, saves, shares, and comments by the number of followers.

How many types of influencers are there on Instagram?

Influencers are categorized into four main types based on their follower count: Nano-influencers (1-10k), Micro-Influencers (10-100k), Macro-influencers (100k-1 million), and Mega-Influencers (over a million followers).

Why is tracking Instagram advertising stats for businesses beneficial?

Analyzing advertising metrics, including impressions, clicks, conversion rates, and return on ad spend (ROAS), allows businesses to evaluate the efficiency of their ad campaigns. This information helps refine targeting strategies and optimize advertising investments to achieve improved results.

What are some effective ways businesses can use Instagram user statistics to improve their overall marketing strategy?

Leveraging Instagram user statistics, businesses can enhance their content, advertising, and engagement strategies. This ensures effective outreach and resonance with their target audience, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.

What are some tips for businesses to make the most of Instagram usage statistics?

Businesses can utilize Instagram usage statistics to comprehend user behavior, optimize their content schedule, and produce content that aligns with the platform’s usage patterns. This ensures maximum visibility and engagement with their target audience.